Multi level Marketing in the Philippines

If you want to enter multi level marketing please read this first.

You've probably been approached about joining MLM or Networking, or whatever note that there's a difference between pyramiding and MLM, ussualy pyramid schemes have no products it's just a sign up. Note that MLM is "legal" , but all the same you're going to need downlines. Downlines are the people you recruit by the way.

There are hundreds of MLM companies in the Philippines like UNO, REd, Herbal Life etc...  and there are people who became rich because of it ( I know two people who did, one is a classmate in college and another is a schoolmate in high school) and you know what it is true, it is a passive income, they just travel around the Philippines driving their nice cars, in a nutshell their living the good life.

But before joining consider these;

1. Positioning- What is you number in MLM? Kung ika 2000 kaw wa ka na umasa, As you can see the ones who benefit are the ones on top,..Positioning is the name of the game

2. Contacts- Do you have a lot of contacts who you can convince to be your downline? If yes good, if not... better not join, even if you got first the ten spot.

If the answer is no to any of the two, please by all means don't join, if the answer is yes,... go ahead I'm sure you will be rich (as long as the company is legal and stable)

And please don't be convinced with all the sales talk, they'll be nice to you, your best friend and tell you anything just to get your money.

So there yeah it is possible to get rich in this process but think about it, you don't want to waste your hard earned money go to waste.