Top Ten (10) Most Handsome Men In The World

* Before anybody reacts to this post. I know we all have personal preferences but you must understand that beauty is actually symmetry and the more symmetrical our face the more beautiful we are. In science (although opinions may vary) middles eastern woman particularly Afghans are the most beautiful in the world since they have the most symmetrical faces. This countdown is about the most handsome faces not overall hotness.

10. Sakis Rouva- Greek actor who made in our top ten

9. Brandon Routh- Superman made it into our number 8, his no superman for nothing
did you know that before he was chosen to be super man. Mathematicians actually studied his face.

8. Juan Gracia Postigo - Mr Spain 2006 if the Spaniards think his the hottest he definitely deserves to be here.

7. Some random dude- I don't know him... his just some kid who got his picture taken....lets proceed..

6. Fazza- The most handsome emeriti man

5. Tom Cruise- He should be number 1. Since scientist actually studied his face they said that its perfect with just a small glitch in his neck area, but of course age comes into play... so he is in number 5

4. Hrithik Roshan- Most handsome Indian male actor...

3. Tarkan- The most handsome Turkish man who is also a singer

2. Imran Abbas- Is the most handsome Pakistan man slash actor

1. Talk about Prince charming..step aside Prince William the grandson King Faisal Is the most handsome man in the Planet. He has the most symmetrical face of all... 6 billion of us (reportedly) unfortunately we are unable to get his real name. So he is not just handsome he is also a mystery man...

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-Park Min Jeong

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