Top Ten (10) Most polite countries in the world

Hi, What country is the most polite in the world? or what country is the friendliest in the world? Planning a trip on a holiday? I think you should consider these countries first they are friendliest and most polite country in the world, according to AAA's survey. This was used by yahoo to see which country are rudest too.

10.Japanese - Are people from Japan friendly? Oh.. Yes, definitely but you may want to learn some of their language basics so they can communicate with you. Japan is not really an English speaking zone, usually if you walk up to them, they'll just wave their hands,..and say "No.. English", but that's not rudeness. It's just not everyone speaks English. Japanese people have a very strong set of culture when they present themselves to visitors (foreigners), they bow and act politely when in front of a foreigner.


9.Danish - Aside from the wind turbines, bicycle and beer there something more to like about Danes. They are polite and almost all know how to speak English. Danes are a bit reserved though, they won't greet you or even smile at you if they don't know you, but ones you sit down to one of their "pubs" it's all good their very friendly people (maybe it's the alcohol Lol), they'll light up and become very friendly.


8.Canadian - I think no one will argue if I say, Canadians are friendlier than Americans. But, Why are Canadians friendlier than Americans? Why are violent cases in Canada much lower than in US? Which french fries is better Burger King or Mcdonalds? These mysteries of life perhaps we will never know the answers. Anyway going back, Canadians are really friendly, if your an immigrant you won't have a problem at all.

7.New Zealander - There called Kiwi's, and Maoris, (Kiwi's are the Europeans and Maoris are the original settlers)  Just like Danish people they are reserved but very polite, both Maori and Kiwi are very hospitable although Maori people extend their hospitality a little further than the Kiwi's.

6.Indonesian - Good news from Indonesia, they are very polite and are very tolerant to foreigners, If  you break a few  of their customs they'll understand, they won't be so quick to judge, and if your a foreigner try smiling at locals, you'll usually get a positive reply. Not smiling back is a sign of not being so nice to deal with.


5.Portuguese - Friendly and welcoming, I think that's the best way to describe the Portuguese people. They have the softest heart in Europe period. People are nice everywhere, I'll give you an example,True story here. I lost my bag at the airport, and on my way to the hotel, the taxi I was in had an accident (bumped by American tourists) Anyway, out of luck, no money and injured I was brought to the hospital. The doctors and nurses were very nice and when the doctor attending me, found out about my situation, he decided to call the airport himself and drop me off my hotel, and if you think about it, he could have just stitch my head and went on with his day. So friendly and nice, I wonder if I had an accident in New York, would the doctor do that for me, I just can hope.


4.Thai - Are Thai people friendly? YES, YES and YES... generally speaking YES, they give you big bright smiles, now they wouldn't call it land of smiles for nothing, right!?  Although their not that good in English they compensate it with politeness and eagerness to do good.

3.Filipino - Filipinos are the friendliest and happiest people in Asia, ones they know your a foreigner, they take it a step further to make you feel comfortable, they easily let go when you say something offensive and accept apologies right away, all Filipinos speak English (even the uneducated ones, expect college educated ones to speak English fluently), the Filipino people are also VERY CHEERFUL, they smile everyday at any given situation. They never forget to be happy, that's why their suicide rates are the lowest in the world.


2.Caribbean - If Filipinos are the happiest in Asia, the Caribbean's are the most fun loving people in the world., many islanders though are shy and it could be mistaken as unfriendliness, but rest assured they are one of the friendliest if not the friendliest people in the face of Earth. They have a "Don't worry, be happy attitude"

1.Brazilian- Are Brazillians polite? YES THEY ARE OUR WINNER. Brazilian people are the least rude in the world, but it still doesn't hide the fact that Brazil has a high crime rate. And tourists might get their wallets stolen from them if their not careful in Sao Paulo, so be careful. But in terms of politeness, they are the best in the world... there's nothing much I can say anymore good luck.

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