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Why do super heroes have capes? In the 1800 circus had "He-mans" which possessed great strength (equivalent to body builders these days)  who back then were considered super heroes.They all wore capes usually red which associated with energy and tenacity. They wowed the crowd with their strength and size. This also explains why super heroes have briefs outside their pants lol. The concept was adopted to modern heroes like superman
Jared Green

Machete Man. It is a movie staring Danny Trejo you've probably seen him in other movies like Desperado he was the guy spinning knives. Anyway the Machete Man was not really a movie it was just a fake trailer from Grind house and Planet Terror in 2007 but the trailer was so intriguing and so many people looked for it they decided to make a movie in 2010. It was a good decision since it hit number 3 in the US top ten weekly.

Getting girls drunk. This trivia is for the guys who wants to get some. When you are drinking with a girl getting her drunk won't make her take off her pants. Indeed getting drunk makes a person lose selflessness. But when a girl hears rock music aggression is triggered making the girl horny. That's why a lot of girls get pregnant at rock parties.
-Ian Tumblod

Do you know what G.I means? G.I means Government Issued items,  it is commonly mistaken for "General Infantry" but did you know that it originated from "Galvanized Iron" in world war I since mortar shells are usually made of it and other issued items. In time its meaning changed referring to US soldiers as G.I's.
-Ian Tumblod

Did you know? Did you know that the only person who can travel abroad without a visa is the Pope.
-Joseph Hall

Why Eagle in US? The  bald eagle is in the US emblem because it signifies courage and might. It is also indigenous to USA and Canada only.
-David Saw

Finger prints? Did you know that fingerprints serve as traction so you can grasp things better.
-John Ian F. Miller  =)

What are the first and last word in the bible? "In" and "Amen.
-Pauline Arguelles

"I" is by far the most commonly used word in English conversation.
-David Saw

The three things people lie about the most are age, sex and income
-Jared Green