Top Ten (10) Most Deadly Martial Arts

*This will be a list of the top ten deadliest martial arts in the world. The criteria will be fatality, and no weapons used other than the limbs. We won't include the modern day Muay Thai even though 20% of bouts end up in knock out. We decided to go and see the roots of this sport. Also, although, MMA is dangerous and very popular, we would like to feature other forms of deadly martial arts that are worthy to be on the list.

10.Taekwondo- Although it originated from subak and taekkyon (two martial arts in Korea used in warfare during ancient times), many people consider it as a martial arts sport. Today, taekwondo is more of a sport using explosive leg kicks. Death rarely happens in civilized taekwondo matches but if used outside the ring, a single round house kick to the head without head gear can send someone into a coma

9.Sambo Combat- Utilized and developed for the Russian military, Combat Sambo resembles modern mixed martial arts including extensive forms of striking and grappling where (unlike Sport Sambo) choking and bent joint locks are legal. In fact, Combat Sambo is complete enough for someone to compete in MMA without learning other disciplines.

8.Kung Fu- is a variety of Martial Arts as you already know or seen in movies, the crane style, tiger, monkey etc... do actually exist and are still practiced by Monks. There is also Southern and Northern Kung Fu. Northern styles emphasize on fast and powerful kicks, high jumps, and generally fluid and rapid movements while the southern styles focus more on strong arm and hand techniques, stable immovable stances and fast footwork. Kung Fu Sanda is the unification of these techniques. This is the modern Kung Fu you will see in China where a lot of people are into it. It is a complete Martial art. It has grappling, take downs, and striking. It is also a mixture of scientific and traditional martial arts.

7.Kyoshin Karate- This martial art originated from Okinawa Japan where villagers had constant trade with the Chinese.Aside from goods, they also exchanged knowledge in Martial Arts. By 1609, mainland Japan occupied Okinawa and they also banned the use of weapons. The peasants were forced to adjust and made a martial art that could fight Samurais without any weapon. Thus, the Kyosin Karate was born. Kyoshin is still being practice in Okinawa the old fashioned way by bashing rocks with their hands or breaking hard wood in their bodies. A Kyoshin grandmaster can bash a man's skull using his finger tips.

6.Muay Thai Chaia- Saying Muay Thai is deadly is indeed misleading, although it is true. Muay Thai Chaya is the battlefield form of Muay Thai used in wars.It is believed that very few practice it today and is almost washed out of existence. It was used in the ancient times against the Burmese.It is like Muay Thai but the difference is it does not step back. It attacks while defending and has also much faster movement than the modern day Muay Thai .Most of the techniques are made to take down the opponent using fast movements and to end the fight as quickly as possible leaving the opponent cripple or dead. Bottom line is, this martial art is made to kill. This is the deadliest form of Muay. Unfortunately, only a few practice it and the old ways of this ancient art are slowly vanishing. That's why it only landed in number 6.

5. Ninjutsu- The art of ninja's martial arts can be traced to Iga, Shiga and Koka province of Japan. Ninjutso, however, has a limited number of moves. It only targets areas of the body with the most nerve endings like the arm pit. Once these areas are hit, the brain shuts down since it can't compensate the pain signals it received. Ninjutso relies on single blows to knock its opponent out. It may not seem exciting but it is very practical for ninjas who are into spying 
and assassinations.

3.Silat-Its origin can be rooted back as a combination Eskrima martial arts from the Philippines and Chinese Kung Fu. This form of martial arts is dangerous since striking in bunches using different techniques is a must.It also has an ATTACK FIRST mentality where a barrage of knees,elbows and punches are given to the opponent until the he/she is deemed unfit to fight. So, speed and endurance are needed to perform this.

2.Muay Boran- If Muay Thai uses 8 limbs, Muay Boran uses 9, the 9th being the head. This is the ancestor of the modern day Muay Thai. It has a wider stance and a lower base. Fighters are required to have greater agility, flexibility and speed, as well as allowing them to jump off their opponent's knee to deliver a blow to the head.This Martial Arts is so brutal that tournaments using this technique were banned in the 90's by the Thailand government. Ever heard of the movie Ong Back by Tony Jaa? (picture above) This was the kind of Muay he used in the movie.

1.Krav Maga- which means "close combat" is a combination of many Israeli fighting styles including foreign, like Muay Thai, Karate striking, throws from Judo and disarms from Jujitsu. It is not a ring sport so there are no scores and no rules. It was made for survival. Attacks in Krav Maga are basically making the most damage against your opponent as quickly as possible.