Top Ten (10) Most Notorious Leaders of Modern History

 **This is for  purely educational purpose. The criteria for countdown is political power, impact to the world and human atrocities. Data that was from UN courts were also taken into consideration..


10. George W. Bush

George W. Bush is in our number 10, after 9/11 he waged war against Iraq with no clear reason having the death toll 95,888 – 104,595 in April 2010. Even though the UN forbids the US to do so he still moved on reasoning that he had the Coalition of the Nation backing him, having England to know surprise their greatest Alie, along with Philippines Japan and other so called friends of USA

He also waged war against Afghanistan with the death toll of 2,232 and rising of the Coalition of the Nation having over 1452 American soldiers dead.

He also made other very unpopular decisions. Like verbally attacking N. Korea saying "they are the true axis of evil" He also sanctioned Syria in doing business with any American or American firm. Freezing bank accounts just because he claims that intelegence intercepted, Syria was helping spread weapons of mass destruction

A lot of things made him very unpopular like Hurricane Katrina and the 2nd great depression which happened very recently, where a lot of Americans starved and lost their jobs and homes but they still had the money to send troops overseas.

9.Ferdinand Marcos

In our number 9 is Ferdinand Marcos of the President of Philippines (1965- 1986) probably the greatest local villain the Philippines ever produced . This guy was a genus in an evil way. When he was still a senator he opposed the sending of the troops in the Vietnam war but when he became president, he urged the Philippine congress to send troops their and they approved. Sending over 10,000 Filipino soldiers in Vietnam and making Marcos the USA favorite in Asia.

At first he was a good president. Giving Philippines prosperity and new infrastructure but then by 1972 he declared Martial law that lasted until 1986, communist groups arise, revolts all over streets because of his mismanagement, people became hungry and miserable while he in and his wife Imelda partied every night in the palace.

Corruption, kidnapping, murder and plunder and trying to invade Sabah Malaysia are just of the things he did. He was also very popular in forcibly stealing private companies like ABS-CBN for his own entertainment. There were those few who opposed but most of them were either arrested or killed. Some just mysteriously disappeared.

8. Saddam Hussein

Our number 8 none other than Saddam Hussein of Iraq his term lasted July 16 1979- April 92003, He used chemical weapons against poorly equipped Shi'ites and Kursdish insurgence trying to over throw his Government. He has killed 148 Iraq Shi'ties by hanging. Tough he was able to make Iraq a military powerhouse in the Middle East waging war against Iran in the late 1970's.

Losing the war and on the defensive against Iran he asked his Health minister Dr Riyadh Ibrahim
for his advice the good Doctor advised him to temporarily make peace negotiation. Saddam took the advice but a few weeks later Dr. Riyadh was chopped butchered if you may because Saddam blames him for wrong drugs administration leading to casualties in a hospital.

Pieces of Doctor Riyadh were sent to his wife, Losing and desperate he made use ofchemical weapons against Iranian forces killing them by the hundreds. On 16 March 1988, the Kurdish town of Halabja (a rebel group) was attacked with a mix of mustard gas and nerve agents, killing 5,000 civilians, and maiming, disfiguring, or seriously debilitating 10,000 more.

Saddam also waged war against Kuwait, also known as gulf war using V2 rockets that is not aloud in modern wars. Where he had the aid of US years later in 2003. Iraq was accused by the USA on having weapons of mass destruction but none was really recovered. This was the start of Saddam's downfall by January 2003 USA waged war and in just 3 weeks, his glorious army was defeated and by July of that year he was captured killing his 2 sons and his 14 year old grandson in a gunfight defending him against US forces. The rest was history.

7. Syed Rudollah Moosavi Khomeini

Syed Ruhollah Moosavi Khomeini
Leader of Islamic revolution
Supreme leader of Iran (1979-1989)

Khomeini the man who opposed the Shah Government who was pro American. Iran being a strategical location in the middle east and being an oil rich they were a great ali for USA and was willing to help to make them stay in power. Khomeini was exciled for 14 years and in his return to he established an Islamic Government in 1979.

What he wanted was a revolution like no other. He wanted an Islamic Constitution were western ways will be forgotten and other religions will be oppressed. He even said that the none Muslim will be oppressed. Western establishments were closed then Khomeini declared them as Iranian a property. During this time (1963- 1979) the death toll was 3,000 to 60,000.Because of the clash between Sha military and Khomeini supporters. All Western establishments were either closed or oppressed, Jews were forced to be convert into Islam and school were required to have Muslim principals. News papers closed, swimming was banned, sunbathing was out..all citizen were told to were the traditional Islamic dress code and all music were not aloud only traditional ones were played. Movies specially western ones were BANNED. Khomeini was also not that good on his economic policies since poverty rose up to 45% in 6 years of his reign. Professionals were forced to leave the country with the since the standard way of living drop significantly.

6.Mao Zedong

Mao Zedong
Chairman of the Communist party of China (1943-1976)
1st President of Republic of China (1954-1959)

Hero or Villain? That is the question many people ask about Mao. In China the younger generation think of him as a hero no doubt about that but to the world the opinions vary.
Would China be in there position right now if it wasn't for him? or would China be better off if he never intervened.

What did he actually do? Well to some it all up.. In 1927 Mao conducted Autom Harvest Uprising his forces (composed of workers and peasants) were at a civil war with the Chinese government. Red Army was a communist movement aiming to overthrow the Republic of China. The "Red Army" Mao organized are the ancestors of the Chinese Red Army you see today.
When the world war 2 started in China. Mao's forced hid in the mountains and grew stronger than ever. After the war while Republic of China was weak he attacked and completely overthrown Republic of China to Taiwan. That's why there is Taiwan today they are remnants of the old Chinese government before Mao.

He was not popular though as he brought poverty, famine, damage to the culture, society and economy to China. Not just that his Cultural Revolution and Great Leap forward cost 17-70 million Chinese lives, including taking the lives of 3,000 students who protested for human rights. Even the Buddhist monks who hang on to the old ways were not saved as they to were killed. He burned the things that were old and traditional in his belief that These are obsolete and wanted a new modern China.

Mao wasn't just a conqueror he was a ladies man as well though he wasn't that hygienic he had virgin girls lining up to his attention, spreading his STD. As he was mentally ill (citation needed) and ought to never wash his privates.

5. Idi Amin

Idi Amin
3rd Ugandan President (1971-1979)
Ugandan Light Heavy Weight Champion (1951-1960)

Idi Amin was a legend in his own mind, he thought he was supper human being 6'4ft with a powerful built he was the Ugandan Light Heavy Weight Champion during his time in the army. He played basketball, rugby, football and swimming.He even challenged Mohamed Ali in a boxing match, Ali having the right state of mind respectfully declined.

He wasn't that well educated some say he couldn't even read (citation needed) almost ignorant to some point.

That being said his term of office was a nightmare for the Ugandan's as he was was characterized by the following:

Human Rights Abuses
Political Repression
Ethnic Persecution
Extra judicial killings
Gross Economic Mismanagement
Death toll of 100,00 to 500,00 (according to human right groups)

Not to mention power grabbing I think you have clear idea of how Idi Amin was like. Asian mostly Indian descent were forced to leave Uganda because of Amin and broke the ties with Britain and forcibly nationalizing Britain businesses in the country.

Uganda before Amin was an ally of Israel but during Amin's term he cut the ties with Israel expelled Israel Military in Uganda and threatened to send paratroopers, bombers and suicide squadron to Israel for he wanted to wage war. Later on he announced that Hitler was right in killing 6 million Jews. YAyks!!!!

4. Polpot

Saloth Sar or better known as Polpot
Prime Minister Of Democratic Combodia (1976-1979)

*Many of you may not know Polpot from Cambodia in fact I think its actually good that you don't. What he did was very violent, violent enough for me to say "If you don't want to know about it you can leave right now."

During his reign in 1975 Polpot imposed a agrarian collectivism. Forcing people from the city to the country side to work. Having forced labor and slavery, famine, executions, lack of medical care led to 21% of the people there.

Not just that he wanted to cleanse the country in 1976-1979
killing 1.7 -2.5 million Cambodians with the population of 7 million (2/3r of the population) mostly intellectuals doctors, engineers, lawyer, teachers (specially teachers since he wanted to eradicate education).. He has killed off most of the intellectuals so no one can stand in his way. If there were no intellectuals and educated people then the people would be left ignorant and helpless.

Rape was rampant. Where woman were kept in cages and be raped as pleased by soldiers for recreation. The soldiers favorite sport was making civilians run in a mine field and the soldiers would shoot at them. One survivor said "It was horror beyond imagine maybe hell was a better place"

Pol pot commanded the army of Khmer Rouge. Genocide was a daily event. Khmer Rouge policy was if you were connected to an intellectual, professional, Buddhist, Vietnamese, Chinese, Thailander, Muslim or traitors your punishment would be death with no trial.

The genocide was so immense that there are 20,000 thousand mass grave sites to this day.
One of there policies were that if you offended there laws to the very minute detail you would be sent a letter of warning if you broke it twice, like saying something against the government you would be sent to "re-education" which mean almost certain death or torture that would know no bounds.

(One of the victims in the Comdian Genocide)

Nowadays what remains are the land-mines (estimated it will take 95 more years to remove all mines) left by the wars in the past and the bones of the millions who died in the process. Along with the uneducated people of Cambodia today still having the domino effect of the past.

Skulls of the massacred during Pol pot's time.

As a writer I shouldn't comment but as a human being I must say that this should NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.

3. Benito Mussolini

Benito Mussolini
1st head of The Government of The Kingdom of Italy (1925-1943)

Benito Mussolini wasn't really Italian, he was from Switzerland and just migrated to Italy to escape military service. There are some crazy things he did like invading the poorly equipped Egyptians compared to Italians. He was a racist in 1928 he declared this statement

[When the] city dies, the nation—deprived of the young life—blood of new generations—is now made up of people who are old and degenerate and cannot defend itself against a younger people which launches an attack on the now unguarded frontiers[...] This will happen, and not just to cities and nations, but on an infinitely greater scale: the whole White race, the Western race can be submerged by other coloured races which are multiplying at a rate unknown in our race.

But even with this statement Italy and his own opinions varied about racism. For example he thought the Jews that lived in his country since the Roman times should be undisturbed. He wasn't really that evil as he made great infrastructures and public works for the good of his people. His only mistake was he wanted to bring back the Roman times. He wanted to mold an empire out of Italy. That's why he declared war. His greed for power and self indulgence made him what he, was, one the greatest villains of modern history.

2. Joseph Stalin

Minister of Defence of the Soviet Union
Prime Minister (1922-1953)

Lets get down to business, he is in our number 2 because he has the largest death toll in world war II, he had the kind of leadership where "if you don't obey me you die" he sent his man to to their deaths. Where if one retreats that person would be shot by his own people and branded as coward. It is estimated that during his reign he had killed 50-60 million of his own people due to starvation forced labor and the war. If death toll was the factor in our rankings he would definitely be in number 1. He executed every man woman and child he thought that would be defiant.

1. Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler
Fueher Of Germany (1934-1935)

One journalist said when he met , "Hitler was evil in true form" although born as an Austrian he would rise up to be the most influential and worst leader Germany has ever seen (probably the world) but what people don't know is that Hitler was so charismatic that he turned a bankrupt, turmoiled Germany in to the most powerful army in the world in just ten years. He brought prosperity to the people and discipline. During his time 14 year old kids were molded to be in the army the Hitlerjugend.

Here's a thought Hitler designed the beetle car.=)

But with this Genius came EVIL. He had slaughtered 6 million Jews out 9 million. The Jews were definitely at the brink of extinction. He made death machines where people would get inside alive and come out dead. He made killing people in a very systematic way, so systematic they actually had problems disposing the dead bodies. He blamed the Jews for everything that had happened to Germany before, he even blamed them why they were defeated at WWI where he was a soldier. He viewed as if they Jews were rats. During his reign he condoned human experiments on them led by Dr. Josef Mengele. To know more of how this crazy man did all these check this out

So that concludes out top ten mosts notorious leaders of our time...