Lactacyd as facial wash

Ok, I'm a 23 year old man (not gay) I'm not pimple prone but I get occasional pimples when I'm stressed at work, the problem is although I get one to three pimple at a time the scars tend to stay.

So I remember what my mom used for me and my sister when we were like 4 years old, I remember that we had pearly white skin and our scars didn't stay, mom said it was because of Lactacyd. So one day I was walking in Sm North when I noticed a Lactacyd in Watson,. I was like what the hell I'll give it a try.

I used it for 2 months as a facial wash, (I just use facial wash I don't use moisturizer or cleanser, Lol I'm guilty)

And the results were astonishing, my pimple scars were all gone, I had whiter skin (in my face, that's why I used it in my entire body now for it even out Lol), but yeah I get a pimple from time to time, but they usually go faster, and there smaller than before. And the good thing it didn't leave a scar if it did, it goes away.

The problems are my face is more oily ( I don't know but I seem to be more oily when I used it, I need to wash my face in the middle of the day), and my face is and arms are not evenly colored be sure you use it on your arms too.

All in all I think using Lactacyd for babies is good, and I probably won't stop using it any time soon =)