What is John Clements?

John Clements is a consulting firm, a.k.a Head Hunters, although they also train, hire, criticize and even advice other companies, to say John Clements is just a head hunter would be misleading. But of course that's what they really are, Head Hunters.

Why should you apply in John Clements? Well because they will find the best job that suits you, for example your an accountant, you can't find an opening, there the ones going to find work for you.

Are they an agency? Definitely not, they just outsource. In an agency you'd have to pay placement fees, and a cut from your salary.

What kind of jobs do they offer? It depends on the opening it can be a telemarketing to an executive position, but they don't offer blue collar jobs.

Where is it located? The head office is in  12B, LKG Tower, Ayala Avenue, Makati City. But there are other divisions like Staff Builders Asia, Executive Search etc... all under John Clements, specializing on different candidates (applicants) and businesses.

What's the advantage? The advantage is you won't have to walk all day just to get a job. Also if ever you are not qualified for the position you are applying for they will find another opening that suits you.

How do they make money? The clients them, no need to anything about that.

Is it an international company? There Philippines based but is quickly gaining momentum in Asia, they branches in Singapore, Dubai etc...

Who are their clients? Usually multinational corporations that needs manpower and training

How can I apply? You can be a walk in or you can contact me at ian.tumblod@johnclements.com