Pres.Donald Trump vs BPO Companies in the Philippines

Donald Trump the billionaire TV celebrity is now president.

The Philippines currently has a flourishing BPO sector (mostly American companies) and Mr.Trump is planning to change that,  as the Republican billionaire promised to get the jobs back to United States. Mr.Trump will impose strict tax and diplomatic measures to ensure this gets done. With the increasing  unemployment in the United States this seems only logical, they want they're money to circulate and the people to have jobs.

Donald plans to force companies to go back to United States by increasing taxes to companies who outsource their man power, he plans to increase their tax so high they won't have a choice but for them to retract and go back to US. That means millions of Filipinos will lose their jobs, not only in the BPO industry but also in other sectors like food, electronics and infrastructure. If a typical Filipino call center agent loses his job, he won't be able to buy food and the company selling the food won't have a sale, it's a domino effect that will send the Philippines 10 years back economically.

Donald Trump is known for his throwback hair, firing people and getting things done. But can he do it? Can he actually force hundred million dollar companies like Convergys, IBM, Teletech and Sykes to bow down to what he wants; the answer is no....for now.

The average American call center agent makes 12.33$ an hour. The average Filipino call center agent makes 2$. That's a 10.33$ differential, too big for any tax reform to correct. What Donald can do is subsidies these companies, by doing so he will have to increase the peoples taxes or get money elsewhere (maybe get the oil from Iraq or something) either way it will be very expensive due to their high labor wages but it is possible.

 The Americans might have a hard time at first but they will eventually benefit from not outsourcing. You see if Mr.Trump does retract companies who likes to outsource he will stop the bleeding of their economy, fortunately for countries like Mexico, Philippines and India, a lot of companies in the US don't care much about the economic health of their country, they care about making profit.

For Filipinos who's working in the BPO industry, hang tough and pray 'cause Donald Trump 'cause he might fire you all.