Top Ten (10) How To Build Muscle Without Weights

 So you, decided to workout build muscles without weights or going to the gym,just to give you a heads up, we all add muscles even just by walking, its just too small for us to notice. Although the fastest way to build muscle is through pumping iron, its still possible to bulk up and gain muscles without the use of weights. I won't keep you guessing with medical terms like "Latissimus Dorsi", I'll just call them in layman's term so everybody understands.

10. Push ups- Yup the good old push ups, the good thing about it is, it works your triceps, shoulders, chest, traps, wrist, fingers, and somewhat your abs. There are also variations of push ups, like wide push-up which works your chest more and close push-ups, targeting your triceps.. and lots more. If you feel like your not getting enough tension, put some books in a bag or any kind of weight and put it on your back and do your routine.

9. Rowing- There is a very good reason why the rowing machine was invented, mimicking the actual rowing motion, rowers do. Its because its very good in building muscles, it works all the major muscles in your body, so its absolutely certain that you will build muscle. Have you seen a rowers body? They have very strong back muscles, so if you want to have developed back...try rowing.

8. Pull ups- The good old pull ups,  it works your lats, traps, chest muscles, triceps, shoulders... and some minor muscles like finger muscles, biceps,forearm. Although it can be challenging, pull ups is very useful in combative sports.. as it also greatly increases your lactic threshold (that burning sansation you feel when you work out) and power.

7. Swimming- This is a no brainer,  it works all your muscles period. Swimmers and surfers don't lift weights right!? But they have lean muscles, although swimming is not that good in burning fat... its great in building muscles, if you like to add a little more resistance, try putting on a vest with weights. I suggest you have someone watch over you when you do this though, you could drown.

6. Manual labor- If you want to gain muscles and earn, 2$ a day you can go to a third world country, and be a construction worker, just kidding, no. You can build a wooden house, or whatever kind of project that would require labor, perhaps a big boat, without power tools. Or you can go and live in a farm, and move the hay and do all the chores.Manual labor is very broad, you can also try bash rocks with a sledgehammer. Use you imagination, any kind of manual labor will surely make you can muscles without weights.

5. Water pumping- It may not seem much, but when done repeatedly you will have an upper body you've been dreaming of. When I was youngster (I'm from the Philippines by the way), I had classmates who have huge muscles, and when I asked them, "How'd you get them muscles?". They all said the same thing, "pumping water", and if you think about it, the water pump, works your biceps, chest, shoulders, back muscles and abdominal. Plus you'd have to carry the pail of water back to your place, so that also works your, traps, legs and forearm. Its a whole body workout.

4.Rock/Wall climbing- It works your back,shoulders, forearm. Pretty much everything really, it may take some time to see results though

3. Dancing- Try going to the streets and watch a group of hip hop dancers, that's right.. they have very good muscle tone (low body fat), aerobics instructors are also good example of this.

2. Martial Arts- Have you seen a martial artist, just like dancing, martial arts works every part of your body, I would recommend using Northern Chinese martial arts, since there martial arts use explosive punches and kicks not power stances from the South part of China.

1. 1. Get fat- That's right, here me out first. Have you noticed that those fat 5'10 220lbs is stronger than your average Joe? Well that's because, your body weight must be proportional to your strength. if not you won't be able to move, since you must be able carry your own body weight.. So if your lazy and just want to gain muscles, go ahead and get fat... maybe add 20lbs of worthless fat.. you'll gain muscles. Lol =D

     2. If your in puberty, or still a growing person (lets say 11-22 years old), your naturally going to gain muscles period. Have you seen those testimonials, where a 16 year old kid gained 20lbs pounds of muscle within a year. Well that's possible since there body is still growing, even if they don't lift weights they will still gain muscles... as well as fat and thicker bone density.