Top Ten (10) Reasons why we should be proud to be Filipino

    Reasons why we should be proud to be Filipino, well its just my opinion... so you can email to give suggestions. =)

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10.Filipinos are Great Warriors- General McArthur said it himself "Give me 1 million Filipino soldiers and I will conquer the world" From the great hero Lapu-lapu to the modern day boxer Manny Pacquio, the Filipinos have proven they are warriors, never back down, no retreat, no surrender. The great valor of the Filipino warriors before still live in our soldiers today, who will die for our country.

9.The Filipinos are always HAPPY-  Ehem, its true. We Filipinos have the lowest cases of suicide in the world, and that's because we are always happy. Smiling all the time, even if oil prices sky rockets every now and then, and traffic jam makes makes us and our government is sometimes like a circus, its all good, we keep on smiling and laughing it away.

8.Filipinos are Hospitable- It may already be a cliche, but its true we Filipino accommodate our guests with great hospitality, specially to white foreigners. If I was a foreigner I would live here for the rest of my life, people are friendly, girls dig me and everything is cheap. LOL...ah..  I hope we Filipinos can enjoy that too.

7.We still care- The saying "Wa ako paki" is not a Filipino trait, its Western. Filipino in general are
"paki alamero" sometimes we poke our nose to circumstances that has got nothing to do with us. Sometimes
it maybe bad but this trait very important,  we care for the girl who's bag was snatched or give our neighbor food when they have none. It may not be like this anymore in cities but in the province it's pretty much still is, caring for a stranger is never strange for a true Filipino =)

6.Sociable Filipinos- Ever wonder why facebook and twitter is so wildly used by Filipinos? It's a fact, go to your local cyber cafe and the first thing you will see is that they would immidietly go to facebook, I don't care who you are or where your from. Filipino will open their facebook or twitter first every time they go online.. It's no surprise really, back in the old days, when we didn't have internet we would go and telebabad, and turning the clock back a little more.... We are naturally chismoso or chismosa, Lol our ancestor back then would huddle and talk about nonsense all day. The topic would be about their neighbors daughter getting pregnant without a father or something like that, I'm not proud of it, but I'm proud we are very sociable.
K.W: why proud to be Filipino, reason to be proud Filipino

5.Our culture- That's right, our culture is kick @ss, for real, I'm not reffering to our Spanish heritage, I'm talking about our OWN culture, the alibata alone is wicked, I will match our alibata to any gay Chinese character.

4.Resiliency - I'm really proud of this one, we Filipinos are resilient, we can make junk things useless things to gold wahahah..  may pera sa basura kinda theme. I have several aunts in the US and both of them
said that Filipinos are so ma abilidad compared to Americans, oha,oha, even though our country is poor
we make do with what we can and make something amazing. =)

3.Respectful po- We are very respectful specially to our elders, we talk to them in a soft manner with po and opo, we consult them before we make major decisions and heed their advice because of their wisdom, although not a purely Filipino trait (other Asian country's are like this too)

2.Close Family Ties- Its not unusual for us to see our aunts and uncles along with our grandparents living in the same roof. Some may view at as bad. but I think that family is our source of strength,  knowing that we will never be alone in desperate times, their will always be someone to back as up.

1.To Jesus we go- Amen..haha although the Catholic church sometimes really suck in the Philippines and religious factions want to eat each other, I'm still happy that I'm part of a Godly nation regardless of religion, the Simbang gabi in December and the fiestas in our towns to honor our saints is just one of a kind.