Top Ten (10) Ways to passive income in the Philippines

It's what everybody wants, to have a passive income, but very few Filipinos are financially literate. We Filipino's endure the heavy traffic everyday just to get to work, making just enough to get by the next payday, but the problem with working is, when we stop working, the cash flow also stops. However there are other ways, where you don't have to work and you let a second entity work for you, so even when you sleep the cash flow never stops. It's not easy but if you do it right, you have the chance to turn your life around.

10.Pay-per-click -  (on the Internet) a business model whereby a company that has placed an advertisement on a website pays a sum of money to the host website when a user clicks on to the advertisement. 
So how does it work? It's simple, if you have a website and someone clicks on your ad, you make money, because you allow the other company advertise on your site. 
There are strategies on how to make this work, it's great because all you have to do is set-up an account then, install in your site, blog or other people'
Go ahead and type this in google, pay per click program in the Philippines.

9. Article writing- The world wide web is always hungry for new content, it's appetite is ferocious, so there are some website out there that are willing to pay for your work. The good thing about this is, all you need to do is create a quality article and you let the internet work for you., of course the better your article is, and the more readers you have on your article, the more money you make.
Here are some website you ought to consider if you want to go down this path.
Yahoo Contributer

8. Blogging- It's like what I'm doing now, this blog is already four four years old and yes it does make money,  it takes some time to build but once you built a blog like this, it's easy, money comes in even when you're asleep. You make money in two ways.                                          
  1. Putting up ads- You get a company to advertise on your site and you get paid of course.                                                 
  2. Direct selling- You sell something directly in your blog.
Top Ten (10) Ways to passive income in the Philippines

7. Stocks- It may sound complicated to some but it's actually very simple. Let me explain;
Stocks are shares of a company that you buy for a certain amount, 
 You will make money through
 1. Dividends- So let's say Jollibee, made 10 million, Jollibee then distributes
 it's earning to it's share holders, and you are a share owner  you have a cut. 
 2. Traiding- When you bought the stock of Jollibee 30 years ago, at 10php,that stock is now worth 5000php, then you thought it's time to sell 
the 4990php difference is the money you made. 

Go to your bank for instruction on how to get started with stocks, or go to, it's a brokerage, (the platform that allows you to trade and buy stocks), COL Financial is located at Ortigas Philippine Stock Exchange Centre, it's not complicated, it's not magic, it's not like lotto and it's  definitely not for the rich. It's FOR ALL OF US. =)

6. Mutual fund- What is this? It's when a group of people decide to pool money and have an expert handle the investing for them. It works like this;                       
 *Company A decided to make an investment scheme worth 5 million pesos, 
but they don't have the capital, what Company A does is, barrow money 
from 1000 people, each person giving 5000php. The company says the mutual fund is real estate, so in 5 years the price is expected to gain 100php profit. So in 5 years when your mutual fund matures, you can get your money back with interest. 

5. Money market -A Money Market Account is a type of savings account that usually earns a higher amount of interest than a basic savings account. The minimum balance for this account is often considerably higher than the minimum balance of a basic savings account. They can range from $500-$50,000.
When you deposit money into your Money Market Account, it earns interest just like a regular savings account. That interest is the bank's way of thanking you for letting them use your money. Banks then take that money and make other investments or loans.
The interest on a Money Market Account is usually compounded on a daily or monthly basis and paid on a monthly or quarterly basis. All savings accounts including Money Market Savings Accounts are subject to required withdrawal and transfer limitations. You are permitted to make no more than six transfers and/or payments to another account of yours with your bank or to a third party each monthly period.

4. Franchising- I don't want to overlook this one, I know a lot of people who franchised small to large to types of business, from Siomai House to ships like 2Go, this business however requires some capital. The good thing about this is the brand is already well known and all you have to do is collect the money by the end of the day, and allocate the budget for tomorrow's business. Although the risk is much more greater than the once I wrote above, the returns with this is instant, but take note you need some capital for this to work,  go to to get started

3. Farm- For the people living here in Manila, unfortunately you won't have the option to do this. A farm business can be easily maintained if you have the right crops, I suggest you plant bananas, it's low maintenance  and harvests all year round, plus you will always have a market. Go for crops that doesn't require much attention, and have them harvested once fully developed. You will however need a vehicle for transportation of products to market, a big land, at least two people you trust to be your workers in the farm.

2. Apartments- Have an apartment rented. If you want to go this route, you need to barrow a capital from your bank, let's say you'll be needing 5 million, loan from your bank, bank loans are fine because it's usually just 10% a year, have the apartment rented and the rent  pay for the house, it's not easy but worth it.

1. Multilevel marketing- You've probably been approached before by an MLM member promising huge returns, and it's true. MLM can be very lucrative IF and only IF, you have a good network and strong sales skills. My advice to you when picking an MLM business is, pick a good company with good products and remember that you're the last one to join.



Top Ten (10) Ways to passive income in the Philippines