Top 6 (6) reasons Why There's Most Probably a God

This post in not about religion, some people believe in God because they are afraid of death; an infinite nothingness,void of consciousness. As organisms we are programmed to survive as long as we can however we can. Religion relieves the fear of death and promises eternal life and a better place. Do I believe in an afterlife? I don't know we'll all find out sooner or later. I was a former atheist now I do believe there is a God and here's why.

 Top 6 (6) reasons Why There's Most Probably a God

6. Exorcism- A lot will argue about it's validity and this is up for debate., a devil possessing someone's body. There are cases and files that are open, it's up to you reject it or not. A good case to start is the exorcism of a boy under the pseudo name Roland Doe, who in 1949 was possessed by the devil. In an interview with Greg Holewinski in 2013 the last living person who participated in the exorcism he said "You can see the powers of the devil, I can see the boy's body levitate, what I saw was real".  I believe that most of us will never believe this phenomena until we experience it ourselves and we beg for God's mercy to save our body and souls.

5. The Universe- Complex design needs an intelligent designer. Can you expect a rolex watch to just pop out of the woods and say "No one made this, it was already here" No, someone made the watch designed it and put it there, where you found it. Just like the universe, it is too complicated and intricate to sort itself out on its own.

4.Origin- Scientist say before there was nothing then there was a Big Bang, wait a minuet, if there was nothing how can there be a Big Bang? How can nothing create something, if there was nothing. No future, no past..the infinity of nothingness, This violates the law of physics of "Cause and effect". For this theory to be plausible there must be an uncause, an entity unaffected by time infinite and timeless. The plausible answer is a Creator since He is the Alpha and the Omega.
There is a theory "A theory of God" that explains why we humans and other life forms exist. It states that we are Gods creation to create experience the Universe and when we die, we go back to God and input our experience.

3. Limitations of Science- Although science made great advancements over the past 100 years, it is still limited. 100 years ago, if you say it's possible to walk on the moon, people would probably laugh. 20 years ago, we believed that there's no liquid on Mars, now we know there is. Science is a series of corrected mistakes. Get used to it.

2. Human limitations- To say that something does not exist because one cannot see,taste, hear or feel an entity is downright stupid. We humans are limited by our senses and the our mind . 500 years ago, it would be ludicrous to say that there is an  magnetic field, or to say that EMP exists, because no one can hear, touch, taste or feel them.

1.Faith- Throughout history of mankind from the simplest tribes to the great City of modern New York, people believe in a higher being. Of course there are some exemptions who don’t believe. As if we are genetically modified to learn that there is a higher being. Any culture in this planet has a God or gods they worship. They also believe in an afterlife.  There is a good probability that we humans are genetically inclined to praise a higher being. It may sound ludicrous, but it sure looks that way.

Top 6 (6) reasons Why There's Most Probably a God