5 Reasons work sucks in the Philippines.

5 Reasons work sucks in the Philippines.

I've been in the HR industry for almost 2 years now.
And believe me it doesn't look good for the labor force
in the Philippines

Call center, call center, call center.
Altough it's good that there are a lot of investors in the Philippines it sucks  because the jobs that we get are usually trash jobs that nobody wants in their country that's why they outsource.
A lot of us think that the call center industry
is a dead end job and it is.
You know one of the reason why there are so many
call centers in the Philippines? Aside from good English
and cheap labor,.. companies in USA/Canada/Australia have a hard time
recruiting bilk employees to take in calls because it's a trash job. Sorry but that's the
truth you wouldn't hear an American over excited in getting
a job in AT&T as a representative now would you?
Try searching a job in jobstreet and you'll find
call center openings that nobody is freaking
interested in. Bottomline it's an in between job
that people who feels they have nowhere to go end up in.

You old get out
If your a keen observer, Philippines has a very young labor
force if you reach 30 and you still ain't a manager good luck
sunshine your gonna end up jobless and hopeless.
Have you seen a 45 year old get employed by a Marketing company
for a entry level position. Nope sorry HR's today want to
hire young and hip people..so if you're in your late 20's
better think twice with what you're going to do in life
because it's not looking good for you.

Cost of living
The inflation rate in the Philippines is about 5% a year.
Our salary doesn't increase.
In fact companies always think of cutting back for profit

Let's have Marian as an example.
Marian is a 21 year old graduate of Business Administration
from Adamson University. Her parents spent 350k php for her education.
Excited and hopeful she finds a job in a financial company.
Her salary is 12,000php per month plus taxes. She's so happy
she has a job unfortunately she realizes that her take home
10,800php is just not enough... poor Marian... commutes to work
everyday unable to save because of her salary.
If you compare her salary to a first world country entry level position,
well let's not compare you get the picture.

Tax, Tax and more taxes-
You get taxed before you get your pay. And you will be taxed
when you eat at jollibee because of E-Vat. Goodjob Senator Recto.
Thank you so much for implementing E-Vat and stealing all our money.