How is corruption done in the Philippines?

Just how corrupt is the Philippines, and how is it done.
I've interviewed a few people on corruption is being done by government agencies.

Take note, I'm only writing what I've heard from informants and it's up to your judgement to believe it or not.

AFP- Have you ever wondered why the in Mindanao never ends? The simple answer, WAR IN MINDANAO IS A BUSINESS if war stops no more money, and who sells them guns, mortar and ammunition? Allegedly the generals, who funds the MILF, allegedly again,..the generals and the fake DVD's that you buy.

Now here is an example of corruption in AFP, a commanding general in Palawan had a report that there are 400 NPA in the area, since he is the general he can change the numbers and say currently there are 2000 NPA's in Palawan, the government is then alarmed, they send funds to the general to boost security.
Of course it is a false alarm. The general then happily put's the money in his pocket. He gives his boys share.. then everybody happy.

Solution- Pnoy is well aware of this, so what he did was every time supplies are needed, he didn't send the generals cash. He sent them the supplies.

BIR- My family owns a restaurant in Makati (I won't tell you sorry), now my father didn't pay his taxes right, and we had a 2million peso debt to pay or else the government would shut down our restaurant and put my father in jail. I drove my father to a house of a high ranking BIR official, he brought expensive gifts, fruits wines, expensive cake ( I wasn't even able taste) and all sorts of gifts with CASH., at the end of the meeting, the BIR official gave my father a reciept of 150,000.0 pesos,.. Now my father gave him 300,000 pesos. Then he's case war over, nothing more to worry about. And how about the other half of 300k, in the BIR official's pocket I presume.

Customs Police- How do they do their corruption, example; rice. There's 1 ton of rice coming from Vietnam, this one ton rice is 300php per sack, the Customs Police can declare that the sacks are worth 600php, doubling the tax. The excess tax will be in the official Bureau of Customs pockets, even Malacang. To make it more simple, the bussines man would tell the customs police that "they" have one 10php per sack, now imagine if there's 100,000.00 sacks of rice? That's 1 million pesos. Now the bussines man will just add the 10php to the consumer. At the end of it, the Filipino people suffers.
This is why there was so much NFA rice back in 2008, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo used the "rice money" for her election campaign in 2010.

I can write more but what's the point,...people in the government are corrupt to the core, if this disease is cured, Philippines will surely progress as corruption has crippled our country.