Greg Slaughter

This is a 10 ten most special edition.

Greg Slaughter

    When I first saw Greg Slaughter in 2007, he was a big uncoordinated 6'11 guy from University of Visayas  Green Lancers, turned out that he didn't know jack squat about basketball, . So there was this rumor that he would turn into an Ej Feihl, a 7ft dude that could have been something. Yeah, so Greg Slaughter was slow and uncoordinated at first, he could barely get a rebound back then, he was also overweight, add to that this 6'11 giant made only 4 points (two baskets) in his first game in the Philippines, to make the long story short he sucked.. Also because he's from Cebu City, the country didn't know much about him even though UV was the strongest team in Cebu not a lot of people knew about them. I hear little news every now and then about him, and how he's doing in Cebu, the good thing is he didn't stay slow and uncoordinated... as time passed, he became a dominant force inside. I also see his youtube videos, slowly he improved

Then poof, out of nowhere he became a member of the Smart Gilas developmental team, now at 7ft. He was still a bit uncoordinated, but unlike before he is leaner, became a better defensive player and had good rebounding... He got good, so that's that in the E.j Feihl question. He won't be an Ej Feihl, he also won't be the next Asi Taulava unfortunately. He then entered Ateneo, who allegedly gave Greg Slaughter a nice set of wheels, a condo, and 100 thousand pesos to play for them... so he better perform well.

I'm excited to see Greg Slaughter play in the UAAP.... But what I don't like is, Ateneo gets all the credit. But in reality  UV should also be given credit, they discovered him,, Ateneo I must say just lured him..

So remember Ateneo did not scout him first, it was UV. I saw him in the PCC league sweet 16, in 2007...

GUYS ,YOU SEE THE DUDE, IN YELLOW SHIRT about as tall a Greg Slaughter, his name is Junmar Fajardo (a.k.a the Kracken), he  is also giant 6'10 from Cebu and unlike Greg, he is coordinated, but still raw... so watch out for him. They won co-MVP in Cebu.