Why is school important?

Why is school important?
 That's the question I always asked myself as a student. Why is school important? And as an adult I learned why. Because school equips us with the tools that we would need to succeed in life. You probably already know that you won't use Algebra when you buy milk from the store, all you need is simple subtraction. But it's deeper than that. In school we are taught to have group activities to finish a project right!?, that's no different than having an office meeting to solve a problem in your company. You interact, brain storm, argue and come up with a conclusion.

We only use 15% of what we learned in school that includes writing, reading, counting, addition and subtraction, multiplication and other skills a little more specialized like how write a business letter. So how about the other 85%? It became our ideals, attitude, communications skills, interactions skills etc... things that we unconsciously use everyday is a result of school and our upbringing.

Now one might ask, "Then why the heck am I studying physics and biology for?

Well because our society will need Physicists and doctors someday. You see it kinda goes like this.
The type of education we receive in grade school and high school is General Education.
Now what is General Education? It's actually a shotgun-type of education were we get blasted by the most important subjects of human knowledge (at least to them) which are Linguistics, Mathematics, Science, P.E and arts like Music.. then from there on the student can decide whether he wants to be an engineers, lawyers, athlete etc...

But what's the most important subject school teaches us? 

Well it's life itself. In school we form friendships, we fall in love, we achieve, fail and win, we fight and learn how to forgive...lessons that are not deliberately taught in classrooms but in hallways and cafeterias. And these lessons are very valuable if not the most valuable because is actually a training ground for life.

Sorry about my grammar. I'm not a native English speaker perhaps if I listened to my English teachers a little more I would written this article a little better. =)

Thank you for reading.