Top (10) Ten Reasons Why Internet Is Not That Good For You.

Top (10) Ten Reasons Why Internet Is Not That Good For You.

The internet revolutionized the word "connected". We can update the world with what's going with our lives in a click of a mouse. Get information fast, talk to a old friend we haven't seen for years or simply play War Commander with a guy halfway across the world. Yup, the magic of internet is amazing but have you ever thought of the repercussions this amazing tool. I made a list check it out.

10. Social media shaping- Ever felt that everybody is doing well in facebook except you? Well it's because of people only show the goodside of their lives. They have captions pics like "We went to Boracay Philippines and it was amazing" while your stuck in your living room. What your facebook friend didn't tell you was he puked during the flight, the cab driver screwed her with the fair, she got bitten by a hundred mosquitoes and she didn't much have cash left that's why she went back home.. but all you saw was her basking in the sun, drinking an overpriced tropical drink. Not being a hater just being honest.

9. It eats our time at work- I don't need show statistics because it does. My officemates does facebook while worktime, I do it myself. Usually employees with access to social media sites would waste as much as 25% of their working hours reading yahoo articles and using facebook, or streaming online.

8.Your health suffers- Come on honestly because of the internet you've been slacking all day sitting on your chair, eating doing nothing. Kids 8-12 years old spend 6-8 hours a day using the internet, they don't even go our and play tag anymore because they're  playing candy crash...

7. Were becoming stupid- Not sure about you, but remember the time when we used the library to do our research. I was in that era, kids these days don't how to use the library because they can google it. We don't think that much anymore because the answer is in google. We now have greatest library in the world in fitted in the palm of hands and since it's so cheap and available we might as well take it for granted because familiarity breeds contempt.

6. We are now dependent- Everything now is controlled through internet. Even our traffic-light is controlled using internet. Imagine if there was an internet blackout, what then? You won't be able to work, you can't withdraw your money in the bank, power blackouts and uhm...pretty much everything would be in chaos.
You see we humans depend on technology to do pretty much everything. and much of our technology depends on the internet. So we living in the modern age would pretty much be screwed.

5. You feel ugly- Social media, bombards us with beautiful people. You go to youtube and you see a commercial of beautiful woman slim woman eating cheese burger. People in marketing know about us using the internet all the time so they bombard us with amazing things which tells us that, "If you don't have this you suck, or if your not like this your ugly" so they can sell their stuff.

4.Privacy- We haven't lost it completely but know that everything that we post online is public property. Even if it's in private there's a good chance of a leak. So next time be careful and think twice before entering your credit card information when you order online because behind that website is a human being that can see your credit card info, they have full access to it because you gave them all the information to use it.

3. Cause of guys like me- I have some knowledge in blogging and how social media works, now I can write an article about suicide benefits of suicide and have a 50,000 readers of that article, imagine if 1% of my readers believed what I just said. The internet is very powerful let's and we all have access to that power we should respect that power.

2. Lack of human interaction- Sometimes we prefer  talking to our friends online, and we forget how much we had when we were with them. So go out, call your friends hangout with them

1. Illusion that your doing something- You just don't live your life anymore. you live in a world where a love letter has a format to follow in some website, a world where surfing means sitting down browsing with your fingers. How about turn off your computer and your phone give it a day..get out there live your life... Oops that means me as well, that's all folks.

Thanks for reading. =)