My life with God and the people I love.

My life with God and the people I love.

In 2012 someone invited to join an org, a Christian org. The girl who invited me was really pretty so I was like "Oh.. well all I have to do is pretend I'm interested in her faith and I'll get her". Back then I was a fresh graduate from college and I was hired by a well established company, had a girlfriend, smoked and drank every now and then.. and life was pretty good and it was heading towards a very good direction. It just seemed that everything was going right, there maybe a few bumps but no worries.

Then suddenly a girl who I added in facebook back 2011 confirmed my friend request. I was like ok whatever, so she invited me to her Christian org. I was like "yeah,..yeah I have faith" just so I can get her but I had no interest whatsoever in having a relationship with "god"

Back in high school and college, I tried to understand Christianity and God etc.. but I never really quiet understand what they were praying about because no one could explain it to me. So I believed what my Uncle Enrico told me that the Roman Catholic along with other Christian churches were just a bunch of crooks out to get your money. He told me he doesn't believe  in an afterlife and that most likely there is a higher being... it was an agnostic point of view and it worked for me. =)

Anyway, so I was there in her Church, and their was this man trying to preach something. So I listened, and he actually said some pretty good pointers about God and life, and our relationship with Him. I said this is not so bad, maybe I'll have another go next I went, then another week, then another. And I met very nice people, young professionals just like.. I thought at first "This can't be real, people this nice to each other please... they probably hate each other outside these walls" but I was wrong, they were all actually good people, not just good they were great. They treated each other with respect and just like family. So I observed and listened, I understood that Christianity as a whole is not just about praying and making yourself look serious while praying it was actually giving praise to God, and we actually exist to give praise to Him. It was a little hard to swallow at first because that meant that I had give up womanizing, drinking, smoking and other worldly stuff. But I gave it a go..

So in 2013, life was full of confusion actually and struggle on how to let go of the life I loved so much. I had no girlfriend because Christianity preaches that you only enter a romantic relationship if you're ready for marriage. And there was this I wanted to make a lot of money and I didn't understand why I wasn't making a lot despite of my skill-set.. I struggled because what worked for me before didn't work now, and every-time I wanted to do something foolish, it gave me so much guilt.. that my new friends in my organization are all nice to me and I was cheating them.

So it was hard and difficult because of the fact that I didn't fully understand the concepts of it all. But since I was surrounded by them and interacted with them often it became easy, I also understood that the bible is a guideline to life and if we follow it, all things will work well. I realized this late in 2013, and I practice it from that moment on, which was not that long ago really... So now, that I'm practicing God's word, I wouldn't really say I'm now a holy man and that I fully understand Jesus Christ and God,nope..not at all.. but I do know this, that if I follow His word everything will workout just fine and I will do really good in life.

Thank you for reading despite some grammar lapses. =)