Put Philippine Team in 2k14

With the upcoming FIBA World 2014 . I think it's high time for the 2k franchise to give recognition to the Philippine basketball team who just finished silver in the 2013 FIBA Asia. Filipinos basketball fans have been aching for years to play their local heroes in their gaming consoles. EA Sports  already included Japan and South Korea in NBA Live 2008 roster before. Why not put Philippines who just beat Korea in the semi's and have dominating Japan for the last 10 years in international competition. Come on 2k franchise and EA Sports... The Filipino fans deserve it. Let the Filipino fans play their idols, these fans have been buying your games since they were kids starting all the way from PS1. So how about it,.. put Philippine Team in your game.

I'm sure the sales would go crazy and I will surely buy one. =)