Working in Convergys review.


Hi, I've been working in Convergys Libis for 6 months now, and here's a brief overview of how you can get in and how to last in Convergys.

First application,

           Convergys recruitment are always under pressure to deliver new agents by clients on a weekly basis, first step of application is initial interview, they would actually just check if your grammar and English is alright as long as you can answer the questions, clearly without wrong grammar then you'll go through the final interview. The second part is exam this can be tough to for newbies because Convergys will test your English  to it's limits, the exams are not difficult typing speed test, reading comprehension, grammar test, spelling and verlits (it's voice over the phone they will test how you sound over the phone and your understand-ability ) though the exams are not hard on their own, mental fatigue however sets in.

Ones your inside of course requirements; medical, NBI, COE of previous employer. birth certificate etc...


    Training will be language training (don't worry about this one if you understand this article you will pass) it's very easy, this is where Convergys tries to neutralize your Filipino accent, or FLI (First language influence) then you move on to PST (Product Specific Training), this is where it gets though they will require 90% passing rate from you, anything lower than that and it's goodbye. After training you go in transition and then full time call center agent.

Being with Convergys.

     Convergys is a nice place to stay, you get free soup at the pantry, there's sleeping quarters if you feel like sleeping, there's refrigerator, oven etc... no recreation room though, the benefits are nice, their health benefits  pay up to 100k, you get quarterly incentives depending on performance and the people there, well let's just all walks of life work in that industry.