Top (10) Ten most badass animals

*If your like looking for the ultimate badass where else do you turn, nature.
Anyway I list down the most badass, coolest or greatest animals on the planet.

10. Hawk.
Why it's a badass:
Because it can see it's prey a mile away and dive for the kill at a wapping 320km per hour with it's razor sharp claws.

9. Bald Eagle.
Why it's a badass: The bald eagle has a wingspan of 7ft, not only that it's huge. It also looks pretty awesome.

8. King Cobra
Why's it's a badass: Because it eats other snakes, imagine that. This animal is so above the food chain in the snake kingdom that it evolved to eat it's own kind. It's like an MMA fighter that knocks out other MMA fighters just for warm up. That's how dominant this dude is.

7. Silver back Gorilla
Why it's a badass: He walks and acts like a boss, because he is the boss of his troops, the alpha male. Standing at 6ft 350lbs the gorilla  is disputed to be 20 times stronger than the strongest man alive, a full grown silver back can carry up to 4800lbs and can bend two inch steelbars with ease, that is the silver back gorilla.

6. Cheetah
Why it's a badass: Because it's the fastest animal alive, it can reach up 45miles per hour in just 2.5 seconds and reach up to 65miles an hour. Here's something else that you might not know, you can actually
    tame a cheetah and make them hunt for you, these creatures are highly intelligent compared to other big

5. Black mamba
Why it's a badass: Because it can kill you within 15mnts to an hour depending on where you were bit. Imagine, this dude is so dangerous that sugar cane workers in Republic of Congo has to have anti venom in their packets at all times because if they fail administer the anti venom within 10-20mnts, it's goodnight see you in heaven sir.

4. Tiger
Why it's a badass:
Because it can take down a dragon man,

3. Crocodile
Why it's a badass: Because it's the super predator of the rivers, the croc has a special ability called the death roll, just the sound of that of it sounds badass huh, "death roll" it will bite on it's prey lock it's jaw, and roll, tearing the flesh out of it's victims. It's powerful  and has been around in the business for over 100 million years, yups that's right the crocs are the last living dinosaurs.  

2. Wolf
Why it's a badass: Tell me one thing that's not cool about the wolf? That's right he is epitome of coolness in the animal kingdom, this animals has the bad boy attitude of James Dean the look of Ian Somerhalder and the killer instinct of Rambo all rolled into one, that's how awesome this beast is. As you probably already know the wolf hunts by team, led by the Alpha male, who is the baddest of them all. =D

1. Lion
Why it's a badass: Well simply because he is the king, of every plane jungle or whatever, he doesn't work because he's the boss, what he does is just lounge all day, and let the ladies to all the hunting and when it's time to feed, the kids and the ladies get out of the way because daddy is here to feed. Anyway they are so dominant that the whole pride can afford to laze around 16-20 hours a day, these cats can also 6 times better in the dark than humans. As a proof of his badness, the Egyptians built the sphinx that looked like a lion, they revered the lion for it's strength power and fierceness, if the Egyptians think that this beast is a badass then so should we.
So the lion is the most badass animal of them all.