Taiga Kagami vs Hanamichi Sakuragi ripp-off

Just take a look at the pics and description there is definitely a resemblance between these two Lol

Now we all know that the character Taiga Kagami is a rip-off from the our favorite Hanamich Sakuragi.
I mean come on it's so obvious, both have red hair, 6'2, they have crazy leaping ability, and both are physically gifted. Both also seem to love to brawl anyway. So it is pretty safe to say that Taiga is a rip-off but it doesn't mean we can't love the character. Although of course there are differences like Hanamich is semi retarded lol (kidding), I mean his a hell lot funnier than Taiga, don't you miss his imagination how he rationalize things in his own little mind hahaha... both are dumb as hell though.
For me I prefer Hanamichi Sakuragi way better

Anyway when it comes down to it, both seem physically equal. Let's say Sakuragi has more freaky genes as he doesn't get tired, and has a crazy vertical without training in basketball. Let's say both are at age 16, I think Taiga would win on a one on one. He has experience, and his overall basketball skills is just way above Hanamichi's natural gifts. But if we put Kaide Rukawa into the picture, there's no way both would win against this golden player.