Is Islam Evil?

Is Islam Evil?

I wrote this article because I spoke to some people who said that Islam is evil. It is not, what's alarming is how uneducated people are. Ignorance is dangerous.

         Well first and foremost, the one that they call Allah is the same God your calling God of father, the holy trinity, Universe, John or whatever you call the greatest universal power that governs us, he is the ultimate and one true God it's just a translation in Arabic ok!? Just wanted to make that clear.. Anyway how do you define evil?, Do you define it as people who do not have the same religious views as yours, or people who do evil deeds? This article is not intended to persecute nor promote Islam but to educate people about Islam, to guide the wrong  misconception of millions of people that says it is evil.

    Do you know the story of Islam anyway? I'll give it to you in a nutshell, 1400 years ago. There was a young Merchant named Muhammad he had an older wealthy wife  and a rich uncle. He lived in Mecca, a place where paganism, trade and commerce flourished. At age 40, Muhammad was at a cave and had a vision from God, he gave him a message that he is chosen to spread the word of God. So he preached against idolatry and paganism in Mecca saying that there is only one true God, just like Jesus and John the Baptist, he told stories not unfamiliar to us now, like the story of Abraham , Moses, The Tower of Babel, Jesus and Prophets and more. God sent him these messages because God was disappointed that though he already sent Jesus and the prophets, humanity still wouldn't listen, so God sent the last prophet for  humanity and that is Muhammad. People in Mecca became hostile to him since it also affected the trade and commerce in Mecca the officials wanted to persecute him. When his wife and rich uncle died he no longer had protection so he fled to Medina. There he established the first Islamic community.

     So is Islam evil? No of course not, the problem with is Islam is, there is no single governing body that tells Muslims what to do and what to believe, so each Muslim has their interpretation of what is in the Koran. For example; the Koran says that Muslims have the right to kill infidels (non believers) but at the end  when they are about to strike death to the enemy they MUST SHOW MERCY. The problem is Islamic fundamentalists probably just read the first part of the sentence. You get what I'm saying?

Even the spelling of Koran is being debated, is it Qur-an, Koran or Quran?

The Koran is written in one language and that's Arabic and is not printed in other languages, because Muslims believe that it is in a perfect state, that it must not be altered. Problem is not everybody in the world can read and understand Ancient Arabic,.. so Muslims schools interpret it themselves. Unlike the Bible, that is written in 176 languages.  That also explains why there are factions in Christianity, the translation actually did alter the meanings, long story I'll cover that in another article.

At the end Islam is not evil and  what is written  in the holy Koran is not demonic nor barbaric, in fact the Koran mentions peace twice as much as it mentions war., it's the people interpreting it by themselves that makes it look evil.