Why is Geneation Y frustrated?

Why is Generation Y frustrated?
As a teenager I always wondered why this Generation so frustrated in life, even I was frustrated. There must be an answer. It's because of  Expectation. The formula kinda goes like this Expectation+ Reality= Result level of happiness.
But you can actually bypass this I'll tell you the secret later.

If your expectation exceeds your reality then you are happy, but if your expectation doesn't meet your reality then you are unhappy. That's it that the formula of happiness. Now why did we become like this?
 Well it's because of social media and our parents. This is especially true for Generation Y. Growing up we were bombarded with beautiful women in magazine covers, idolized muscular men on TV like Duke in G.I Joe and our parents telling us we can be whatever we want to be in life...and so basically social media told us that were going to be like rockstars and have bodies like wrestlers when we grow up, reinforced by our parents that we can be whatever we want to be, buried into our subconscious mind that we will be amazing.....and...now that were here,..were slowly realizing that that's not going to happen (well for some of us it will but for most it won't) and were very very frustrated.

And were getting more frustrated. And I'll tell you why.
Because social media. Commercials tell us that your no good if your not 6ft with a square jaw and  huge biceps, or a beautiful woman who smiles for a living. Facebook also tells us that were no good because people only post good things about their lives and  hide the bad side...so we think that everybody else is doing well in life except you.

AND we might have a hard time changing because we lack some basic understanding about the simple laws of life...Why? Because we grew up with instant noodles,. Let me give you an example. THE LAW OF THE SEED. The law says Sow and So Shall You Reap........LATER. Of course if you plant corn seeds today and comeback tomorrow you'll just get wet corn seeds with some dirt. But since everything is instant email, chat, microwave etc... we never really understood this This is how we understand this law.

But something is missing, it's labor. When you plant a seed, you just don't walk away, you care for that seed. So it would be more practical to change our understanding as illustrated in the second picture...

And there is no escaping this law and all the other laws that govern the universe.

So now what how can we change this, how can we be happy?
Well the answer's pretty simple. Just decide to be happy. Because happiness is a choice. You decide how to feel, if you wish to be sad then you will be sad but if you wish to be happy then you will happy. You can bypass the formula if you just decide and stick to it. It worked for me I'm sure it will work for you too.

My name's Ian and I'd love to hear what you think about what I wrote.
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Thank you for reading. =)