Top 10 places to date in Manila

So you want to have a date, that's sweet hehe... you must be tired of going SM malls and watching  movies.  I have the top ten sites in Manila where you can take your girl. All within Metro Manila
Remember a date doesn't have to be expensive, you just have to have the right distraction to avoid awkward  and a hell of topic and confidence to keep the conversation going. Hope this helps =)

10. Manila Ocean Park- Entrance fee is around 500php per head, this is ideal if your either close or you have budget to have an expensive date. The restaurants there are nice and expensive, you'll show's there.
And marine creatures you two can talk about. You'll always have something to talk about.

9. U.P Diliman- This is really ideal if you have a bicycle and if your the outdoor type, the air is fresh and the place is nice and if you and your girl is up to it, there's always the famous isawan  Lol..=)
Anyway the place quiet fresh air and a very good place to have a conversation.

8.Tomas Morato at night- A comedy bar in Tomas Morato, will break the ice , have her laughing and her guard down for you to make the move. This will avoid those long pauses.... with almost no follow up hehe... you know what I mean. Yeah just laugh away. And after the comedy bar you something about. A good place would Zirkoh..

7. MOA skating- This is my favorite, gad laid 3 times with different girls using this strategy Lol,
Anyway skating costs 390php entrance and 150php per half an hour so ready wallet ok, cause you won't skate for 30mnts only. Why is this so effective? Because most girls don't know hot skate..hehe, it's a great move to hold hands right...? So you already made the holding hands move without trying,  teach her how to skate while holding hand., and say something like "I won't let you fall" this will make her kilig to the bones, and offer your jacket too because it will be cold. That's what I do, took 4 girls there was able to nail 3. But err... I'm really trying to change to I don't that anymore. Anyway it's a great place to bond =)

6. Eco Park- Why is this a great place, your close to nature. And there's a lot of things you can do.
Like paint ball, wall climbing, rowing, have a henna maybe with the girl you love. There's a lot another thing is, it's cheap. 50php entrance to Q.C residents and 40php to Q.C residents. Then you can stay there all day till 6pm. It's a great place, I know

5. Manila Zoo- Why did I include this? Well it's a zoo, feeling a little cruel animals? Kidding, but yeah I would still consider this, back in the 60's to 80's couples thrive here to see the animals and row and stuff

4. Intramoros- You will have something to talk about, especially if she's the Makabayan type. Visit Rizals final moments, see old houses and one more thing about this place. When your done feeling all nationalistic you can always go outside the bar and chill at the many bars outside the walls.

3. National Museum- It's cheap and it's a great place to look at our history and see the famous spolarium, it's a beautiful place to just walk around and have that nice conversation, and if you ran out of things to say. Just say "Hey check this out" Lol..that will give you time to reload your topics. And you can proceed.

2. Manila Cathedral- Why did I put this here? Hm... well because it's nice there, if she's the Godly Catholic type, masses starts at 5-6pm everyday. Please don't bring her to Quiapo church, I mean it's a house of God yes, but there's a nicer one it's called Manila Cathedral. =)

1. Enchanted Kingdom- I know it's like out of Manila, but hey listen first. You see in a date, especially if it's a first date. It's very important to bond, and a great way to bond is to use psychology. What she needs is adrenaline, fear if you may. Because when this happens the girl or any other human will seek comfort and bond with another human. And who will she bond, YOU my friend... in just 3 mnts you've already have enough Oxycontin and vasopressin that would usually take 2 months to develop. That's how good this strategy is. Good luck, I've give you all the places I know. Go get her. =)

Special mention

Go play golf with her
or you can play bowling. =)